Our Story

Joel first saw Allie in an online match on eHarmony (yes, it’s one of those stories). He read through her profile and quickly realized his profile (which he had previously thought was pretty good) paled in comparison to hers. He immediately retooled major sections and uploaded all new pictures (including one of him with an awful mustache, one in an orange tuxedo, and another standing with Ron Jeremy) hoping it would catch her attention as she sifted through her matches. It worked.

Allie agreed to go on a date with Joel only if the activity was a mutual bucket list adventure (“go big or go home”). Unfortunately, there is a shortage of bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, and swimming with sharks in the Boston area. So, their first date was to the North End where, despite being diabetic, Allie suggested they get cannolis; and, despite bragging about her passion for running, said her legs hurt after an hour of walking and had to be brought home. On their second date, Joel took Allie to a Foo Fighters concert purely for the convenience of it. She was surprised at how many songs she actually knew.

Afterward, it was all like “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my door-code, can you take care of Maisy?” And he did. A few months later, partly in an attempt to bring some legitimacy to the fact that Allie was going to be abandoning her condo in Somerville to move to his hometown of Gloucester, but mainly for the love stuff, Joel asked Allie to marry him. Amidst the chaos of Allie’s last day of master’s degree exams and packing for a 22-hour road trip to Canada with two borrowed children and a dog, Joel got down on one knee with a beautifully carved ring. Allie said yes, and this is where they begin their life together.